Gemini Live Customer Service Phone Number

If you are having any questions and concerns about your account number and there has been an unauthorized login attempt or transaction that you are recognized you can contact the Gemini Live Customer Service support team at or make a call.

Gemini Live Customer Service Support Number

What is meant by Gemini?

The Gemini is one of the platforms for the Bitcoin and Ether exchange platform. It was founded by the Winklevoss twins in 2015. The Gemini will quickly become one of the most respected cryptocurrency exchanges in digital currency. It is the world’s first licensed ether exchange.

Which coin is you can buy at the Gemini?

The Gemini exchange will support only Bitcoin and Ethereum. Because of the Gemini seeks to be highly trusted and institutional friendly exchange. So you can buy the bitcoin and ethereum from the Gemini services to make the platform appear less sophisticated and mature.

Which deposit methods are accepted by the Gemini?

Gemini will accept the fiat currency deposit method and also some different digital assets like BTC, ETH, LTC, LINK, BCH, and BAT. It will accept the deposits which are made by the Automated Clearing House (ACH) in the United States. It will also accept the deposit of Bitcoin and Ethereum. There are no other deposit methods are not accepted by Gemini.

What are the steps for creating and verifying a Gemini personal account?

  • First, you can visit the website of the Gemini
  • Next, you can click on the register button at the top of the page displayed on the screen.
  • You will be redirected to the next page of the website. Now you will fill in the information on the page. The information like full name, your email ID, and password. If you are completed this process you can read the user agreement and privacy policy.
  • After if you are happy with the terms and conditions on the documents and check the above box create my account link. You have to click on this link to create the account.
  • You can fill in your phone number on the next page. It is an important thing so you can enter the number as this process part of the verification. The code will be sent to your phone number to check it is your actual number and you must enter the number on the relevant box.
  • The next process is to link your bank account to your Gemini exchange account. This will helps to add the US dollars to your account as quicker in the future. You can simply fill in the answers to the questions displayed on the screen.
  • After the process of adding a bank account, you will be needed to verify your identity. It will require submitting various forms of documentation.
  • The Gemini will need the Photo ID and proof address from the new customers. For the address proof, you will submit a utility bill, bank statement, cable bill, and mobile or internet bill.
  • It will take one and three days to get your account is fully verified. So the withdrawals and deposit in fiat are disappeared until your account will be verified.

Who will use the Gemini exchange services?

The Gemini is one of the great exchanges for those who value security will be above all else. It is well suited for those exchanging a large amount of the fiat currency for the Bitcoin or ether. It is fully licensed and also offering the additional security features for the cryptocurrency space. Gemini Live Customer Service Number. The Gemini is an ideal for those who want to make the lots of daily trades.

What are the advantages of the Gemini exchange?
  • The Gemini has the additional security measures only a small percentage of the Bitcoin is held online. Most are exchanges are held offline to minimize potential losses from hacks. This doesn’t mean you should store your cryptocurrency on Gemini for the long term.
  • The United States dollar accounts are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and all funds are kept safe in a chartered bank that is based in New York.
  • Fully registered and compliant with banking standards. This makes it suitable for institutional clients and also suitable for an individual person.
  • The Gemini exchanges are professional and high-end services.
  • It has great customer support. There are a blog and a lengthy FAQ section to deal with your issues. When neither of these things is enough, complaints and issues are deal with using email and phone numbers. The exchange usually replies within a matter of hours or rather than days.
  • It is user-friendly and well designed. The features of the Gemini are simple interfaces making it suitable for beginners and opted for the more advanced users.
  • The Bitcoin and Ethereum purchases are easy to make thanks to their user-friendly basic buying options. The exchange also has the specific features of a more advanced marketplace.
  • It has low fees for exchanging assets. Cryptocurrency, bank, and wire deposits are also available free of charge.

You can have any questions and provide feedback about the Gemini exchange you can with the help of email and phone numbers which are established on the website page Gemini.

Will Gemini exchange service call you?

The primary support channel of the Gemini is email. The Gemini customer support team will only contact their customer in special cases and they will assign a date and time via email correspondence.

Some of the suggestions for the general internet safety are given by,
  • You will never give out personal identifying information to untrusted sources.
  • YouNever allows remote access to your computer.
  • You must be aware of phone scammers who disguise themselves as ‘Gemini Customer Support. There are only a few ways to get in touch with the Gemini Customer Support team.
  • 2-factor authentication (2FA) is one of the common login methods used for an extra layer of security. If you are sensing your 2FA process has changed unexpectedly, it may be compromised and you should report it right away.
  • You can always confirm that the URL you use is either or specifically when you are signing in to Gemini websites.